手持式实时频谱分析仪HF80200 V5
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手持式实时频谱分析仪HF80200 V5


Fast, compact and powerful


Aaronia presents the SPECTRAN HF80200 V5, a Handheld Real-Time Spectrum Anaylzer designed to capture even shortest signal transmissions. It′s scanning speed and recording time is without competition, the Analyzer scans 20GHz in less than 10mS making it World′s fastest Handheld Spectrum Analyzer.

德国安诺尼手持式实时频谱仪HF80200 V5,标配频率范围9kHz-20GHz,可扩展频率范围1Hz-20GHz,实时带宽88MHz,可扩展频率范围160MHz,扫描速度和记录时间是无法匹敌的,能抓捕到短的瞬间信号,它能在20mS以内扫描20GHz,这是世界上快的真正手持式的频谱分析仪。

With this Spectrum Analyzer you can master all the challenges. Wether it is for spectrum monitoring, RF and microwave measurements, Interference hunting, EMC testing or Wi-Fi and wireless network measurements,the SPECTRAN V5 is the ideal Spectrum Analyzer for making reliable and fast measurements.

这款频谱分析仪可以应对所有挑战。不论是频谱监测,射频微波测量,干扰查找,EMC测试,或者Wi-Fi和无线网络测试,SPECTRAN V5都是可靠的,超快的,为理想的测试设备。

A weight of just 850g predestines the V5 for measurements in the field yet it can also be used in the lab. The included PC analysis software RTSA Suite transforms the V5 into a fully-featured Benchtop Spectrum Analyzer (see page 6). Available in 4 different versions (see page 7) the V5 offers a solution for almost every application.

重量仅850G 的V5不仅可用于现场测量,还可用于实验室。选配底座,结合RTSA PC分析软件即可实现一台全功能的台式频谱分析仪(见第6页),安诺尼提供多个不同版本的实时频谱分析仪。


u  Up to   160MHz Real-Time bandwidth实时带宽可扩展高达160MHz 
u  Real-time   I/Q streaming实时I/Q数据流
u  POI   below 1μSPOI小于1us
u  Very   fast sweep mode, scans 20GHz in less than 20mS超快扫描模式,20ms内扫描20GHz
u  High   speed USB 2.0 (480K/s),Real-time remote control via USB高速USB 2.0(480K/s),USB实时远程控制
u  Patented   polyphase filter technology多相滤波专利技术
u  First   analyzer with ultra fast LO sweeps (μS DDS sweep)台超快LO扫描分析仪(微妙DDS扫描)
u  High   resolution TFT display with 800x480 pixel resolution and touch screen800x480高分辨率TFT触摸屏
u  Extremely   compact and lightweight紧凑设计,超轻便
u  MicroSD   Slot (supports microSDHC cards with more than 10MB/s)microSD插槽(支持超过10MB/s的 microSDHC卡)
u  Optional   I/Q Generator (6GHz) and Power Meter (40GHz)可选I/Q信号发生器(6GHz),功率计(40GHz)
u  Includes   World′s first 3D Real-Time Spectrum monitoring and recording包括3D实时频谱监测和记录软件---RTSA Suite



 标配参数比较HF8060 V5HF80120 V5HF80160 V5HF80200 V5
 小频率范围 9kHz(可选1Hz   和可选件 003)
 小周期(100%POI) <1μS
 射频输入功率(50ohm) +20dBm (+40dBm*)
 RF 输入 50 Ohm (SMA-接口)
 频率参考精度 0.5ppm (可选 5ppb 、选件   002)
 RBW(分辨率带宽) 1Hz - 40MHz
 VBW(视频带宽) 1Hz - 40MHz
 解调器 AM, FM
 测量单位 dBm, dBμV, V/m, A/m, W/m2, dBμV/m, W/cm2
 探测器 Min, Max, AVG, Peak, QPeak, special
 衰减器范围 45dB (0.5dB 步进, 包含前置放大器)
 参考范围 -200dBm to 100dBm
 测量模式 I/Q, 功率/频率数据
 视图 频谱, 持久性频谱, 频谱图 / 瀑布, 柱状图
 触发器   /
 SDRAM128 MB256MB256 MB256 MB
 ADC250MSPS 14位500MSPS 14位500MSPS 14位500MSPS 14位
 GPS 通过外部安诺尼支持GPS记录器
 FPGA72K ECP3240K ECP3240K ECP3240K ECP3
 DSP (双核Blackfin处理器)400 MHz600 MHz600 MHz600 MHz
 温度范围(运作) 0 °C to +40 °C
 温度范围(存储) -20 °C to +60 °C
 尺寸 255 x 85x 29mm
 重量 850g
 电源 AC 输入:   100-240V, 50-60Hz - DC 输出:?5,6V, 5A max
 功率消耗 <30W
 原产国 德国
 建议校准间隔期 2 年


The Aaronia SPECTRAN V5 impresses with the combination of Real-Time spectrum analysis by means of a shifted poly-phase-filter used together with a patented measurement process with modulated local oscillator.

Benefits include:

1) Small and compact design and construction (significantly fewer and much smaller components are required)

2) Implementation of cost-effective hardware for a reasonable price (only “standardized” RF-components are needed)

3) Extremely low noise signal processing up to -170dBm/Hz (achieved by eliminating noisy components in the RF path)

4) Analysis of even highest frequencies up to 20GHz (achieved by the elimination of upper lying LO)

安诺尼SPECTRAN V5频谱分析仪令人印象深刻的实时频谱分析方法结合了位移多相滤波器和专利的调制本振测量处理过程,优势在于:






Real-Time Streaming实时数据流

The Real-Time Streaming function is another special feature of the SPECTRAN V5. Contrary to existing Real-Time Spectrum Analysers, which do not allow uninterrupted data logging, the V5 can stream data continuously and save them gap-free and without any time limit on PC e.g. via high-speed USB-interface.

The real-time streaming offers a variety of new applications that were previously inconceivable, like recording and repeated playing of any signal or a subsequent, complete decoding of complete recorded digital signals like GSM,TETRA, etc.

实时数据流功能是 SPECTRAN V5 的另一个特殊的功能,与现有的实时频谱仪不同,他们支持不了连续的数据记录, V5 可以连续的记录处理数据,无缝地将他们存储在 PC 电脑上,通过高速的 USB 口,实时数据流提供了各种新的应用,从前认为是不可能的。例如记录和重放任何信号,并且完全解调记录的数字信号,例如 GSM, TETRA 等

μS ultra fast DDS sweep微秒超高速 DDS 数字显示扫频

The SPECTRAN V5 also offers a “classical” spectrum analyser mode by means of μS ultra fast DDS sweep: In addition to LO-modulation the V5 has a DDS-synthesizer available with up to 800 MSPS I/Q for extremely fast frequency hops of the local oscillator. This technology allows sophisticated measuring programmes over the full frequency range up to 20GHz.

The SPECTRAN V5 with its accelerated sweep rate is much faster than currently available sweep spectrum analysers.

SPECTRAN V5 也提供一个经典的频谱分析模式,通过微秒超高速 DDS 扫频的手段,除了调制的本振, V5 具有 DDS 直接数字频率合成器,高达 800MSPS I/Q 极高频率跳动本振。这个技术使得复杂的测试程序分析在全频段上成为可能(目前达到 20Ghz)。SPECTRAN V5 具有加速的扫描速率,比世界上现有的其他的扫频频谱仪更好。

Polyphase filter多相滤波器

The Aaronia SPECTRAN V5 is setting new standards in filtering process technology. Where typical Real-Rime Analysers are based on Fourier analysis, the V5 uses a patented receiving method with two staggered combs which are produced by a polyphase filter.

In contrast to the ordinary Fourier analysis, the polyphase filter covers more than one interval of sampling points, based on the number of frequency points. Thereby any filter curve (e.g. real Gauss-filter) can be realised without limitation of the slope due to the predetermined interval. To avoid gaps in the frequency-time-diagram, two spatially and temporary staggered filter combs are used for analysis. This SPECTRAN V5 break-though technology will not miss even the smallest signal detail in the investigated frequency band.

安诺尼SPECTRAN V5 采用新的滤波处理技术,经典的实时分析仪是基于傅里叶分析,V5 则是利用两个交错梳状滤波器的专利接收技术,与常规的傅里叶分析不同,多相滤波器根据频率点数量,可处理多个时间间隔内的采样数据。因此可实现任何滤波曲线(例如真正的高斯滤波器)而不受于因有限采样时间而产生的频谱失真效应,为了避免在频率时间图中出现空白,V5使用了2个独立的空时交错梳状滤波器组合,来进行信号分析处理,Spectran V5 突破性技术不会错失分析频段内小的信号细节实时数据流。

Expandable frequency range down to 1Hz 扩展频率范围低至1Hz

The SPECTRAN V5 can optional be fitted with a frequency extension down to 1Hz. The input signal is internally diverted to a second RF- path, which is optimised for low frequency processing. 

The low frequency path offers a frequency range from 1Hz up to 40MHz. In the path is a high-performance 16Bit AD converter with 105MSPS is used. The resolution enhancement from 14Bit to 16Bit improves the dynamic range from 80dB (14Bit) to 100dB (16Bit), which leaves nothing to be desired. This path is a fully capable Real-Time function controllable by μS DDS sweep. The low frequency path (1Hz-40MHz/16Bit) and the radio frequency path (1MHz- 9,4GHz/14Bit) are seamless to the User, except for the particularly noteworthy improvement in the dynamic range.

SPECTRAN V5 具有选件,可将频谱扩展到1Hz,输入信号在内部被分到第二个射频路径,它是被优化的低频处理路径。这个低频路径提供超宽频率范围1Hz-40MHz,在路径上有一个高性能的16位AD 转换器,处理速率 105 MSPS,精度从14位加强到16位,将动态范围从80dB提高的100dB , 还有什么会更好呢?这个路径是完全具备实时功能,由微秒级 DDS 扫描控制。低频路径(1Hz-40Mhz/16Bit )和高频路径(1Mhz -9.4Ghz /14Bit )无缝联接,除非需要特别显著地提高动态范围。


World′s fastest Real-Time Analyzer Software


Aaronia′s real-time Software "RTSA Suite" offers powerful analysis features. An intuitive layout combined with useful display options helps to identify, capture, demodulate and track signals up to 20GHz.Simply connect the V5 via USB to a suitable PC/Laptop and enjoy the advantages of the RTSA Suite.

实时软件“RTSA Suite”,提供强大的分析功能,直观的结合显示选项利于识别,捕获和跟踪信号,解调信号,频率高达到20GHz,只需通过USB就可连接到电脑上。











9kHz - 16GHz


1Hz - 16GHz